We have a true passion for wine.


Lucietta was born from the desire to chase dreams, fulfill an entrepreneurial spirit, and change the way people drink wine for the better.  My passion has been our family and raising our children, which is a job I relish. When our kids started spending their days at school, I was able to focus attention towards creating something fun and impactful.

I feel so blessed to live in Oregon and at the doorstep of one of the great wine regions in the world.  My husband and I are passionate about Willamette Valley pinot noir. There is a delicate beauty about this wine which cannot be duplicated anywhere else.  However, we felt restricted by the traditional bottle: most of the time we only wanted one glass. Sometimes an open bottle would sit on the counter only to be poured down the drain after it turned.  We found ourselves saving a bottle for the perfect moment when both of us could enjoy it in its entirety. With a young growing family, these times were few and far between. I felt like good wine should be more accessible.

When wine in a can became available, we thought the idea of one glass at a time was brilliant.  My husband is an amateur winemaker and had been storing wine in alternative packaging for years.  We already knew there is no magic that happens when wine is put in a bottle and sealed with a cork.

My mission became taking wine in a can to the next level.  I made it my goal to offer the ability to drink a truly high quality Willamette Valley pinot noir one glass at a time wherever, whenever.  No rules.

After working with a top winemaker in the region, I am proud to bring you Lucietta pinot noir.  This wine is a true reflection of a classic Willamette Valley pinot noir. It is also offered at a better price when compared to a similar-quality wine in a bottle.

So please enjoy my project of passion.  Pour it in a glass when you are able, or drink it straight from the can when you don’t have a glass.  Don’t let perception hold you back.